Thursday, 16 April 2015

Big News

I know it has been ages since I last posted - oops. I could give you the excuse of not having great internet and not wanting to stress out about it, but while that is part of the reason I also just didn't feel like writing. I've now posted several updates to try to make up for it. I have done tons of exciting things since the last post and illness and injury have been much less of a problem for me. This trip has been an amazing experience so far and I can't believe how close to the end I'm getting. 


I've decided to stay in South Africa for a while after the tour ends. I'm not sure what my plans are after that but the chances that they will include returning home are slim. The thought of leaving South Africa so soon made me quite sad and although making this decision was extremely difficult I am very happy with my choice. I will miss everyone at home but am so excited about all the new experiences and adventures that I will have.


  1. I am happy and sad all in the same moment ..... but mostly happy, although I hope to hear more about your plans at the end of the biking part xoxox For now enjoy the elephants!

  2. Very happy for you. Though also bummed as I was looking forward to hearing about your adventures in person. I am so glad that you have found such happiness in Africa. Be careful, if you stay in South Africa too long, I'll be coming for a visit!

  3. We enjoyed reading your updates, so wonderful to hear about some of your days and adventures. Exciting for you that you plan to stay on, but we will miss you of course. Take care! XX00