Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Rest day at Abu Simbel

Sorry that you haven't heard from me. It is Tuesday January 20 and I am in Abu Simbel. I think the place I am staying at has wi-fi but I was lacking battery power when I had the password and I am now lacking the password but has power. Some power. 

It has been an interesting few days. From Idfu we biked to Aswan and stayed in a Nubian village camp. The ride was rather stressful due to some incidents with kids in the towns along the way, but the camp was beautiful and homey. A couple of us went into Aswan to explore. Ended up grabbing some wonderful falafel and taking a felucca across the river to look at the tombs in the valley of the nobles. By then it was time for dinner - yes, eating again - in this crazy posh hotel. We weren't allowed into the fancy dining room but the food was incredible. Got some great photos, looking rather scruffy in such a fancy place.

From Aswan we rode to a desert camp along a long flat straight road. The desert is flat flat flat and it is really hard to find a pee spot where you aren't giving people quite a show.

Made it into Abu Simbel yesterday, our ride was just over 150 km and once again my long day was stretched even longer due to flats. Not my bike, the poor soul I was riding with had a slow leak and we played pump and go for the last 50-70 km. Getting into camp felt wonderful. Showers were cold and the beers expensive but there was paper in the (flush!) toilets and that makes everything okay. Great timing for a rest day too.Went into town for breakfast and to visit the temple this morning. The temple at Abu Simbel was moved, piece by piece, up away from the water when Lake Nassar was created by the Aswan Dam. My brain understood this until I saw the temple. It is astonishing. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that it was disassembled entirely.

Today has been a lovely slow day. I have done at least one of my chores - laundry is done but I still haven't patched my spare tubes. Lovely sunny day and starting to get hot during the day, stil, cooling off at night but not so much. It's a bit of a change from the snow at home but I may be dreaming of it soon. We cross into Sudan tomorrow and I think I may melt riding during the day. In the sand. Who signed me up for this shit. 

I'm kidding, I am having a fucking riot and never want to leave. I will see you all in 2025.

I am getting Internet! Hope it posts :)


  1. Mmm Egyptian falafel! I am jealous! Actually I am jealous of all your adventures! It sounds amazing, can't wait to hear about Sudan!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Glad you are having such a grand time....but you have to come home long before 2025! Looking forward to more adventures, but can understand how it's hard to find the time. Take care. XX00

  3. Thanks for the update! So great to hear from you. Glad the adventures are good, and there is occasional toilet paper! I hope the heat and sand aren't too hard. TTFN xoxoxox