Monday, 12 January 2015

First day out

First day of riding today (Friday January 9) and it felt great. Fairly flat road, about 130 km, beauty of a tailwind. I was flying. We started from the hotel in Cairo and in a convoy made our way to the Pyramids. There we took a few pictures and officially started! We stayed in a convoy for the first 30-40 km then we were on our own! Day went by so fast and it felt great to get going. Camping in the desert tonight and I think close to the Red Sea tomorrow. No pictures today, I haven't gone through my camera or anything yet so that will have to wait.


  1. So great to hear it is going so well, and that you were flying. Makes me smile all over! So happy to get your email today as well. Here's to many more wonderful days!

  2. So exciting - I can feel the enthusiasm in your post. Thanks for posting it helps me to understand your adventures, and feel (in a very distant way) part of it. :) XX00