Tuesday, 4 November 2014


This Sunday (so soon!!) I am doing a spinathon as a part of my fundraising. So, from 8-11am on November 9th I will be spinning away on a bike in the Wellness Centre in the Canada Games Centre. Hopefully my sit bones are up to it! Check out the sweet poster Juanita at the CGC made for me (up top).

My financial goal for this fundraiser was 2 bikes ($330) - but I have already collected pledges for that amount! Thanks to everyone who has pledged already :) I am upping my goal to 3 bikes ($495). If you would like to sponsor me you can do so in person, via email transfer, or by using the donate button (just make sure to let me know that it is for the spinathon). I am hoping to ride 60 km but since I am on a spin bike and not outside it is hard to predict - it could be more, could be less. Guess I'll find out! Pledges can be per km or a flat amount, totally up to you.

So that's Sunday, November 9th from 8-11am. If you are around the CGC and feel like stopping by to say hi (and maybe refill my water bottle) that might be cool.

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  1. Awesome! I especially love the photo you used on your poster!